Electric saws take the backbreaking work out of cutting wood or timber. Whether you need a static bench saw for your workshop or a chainsaw to sculpt your tree stumps into toadstools, electric power is the way to go. You will save so much time that the investment will pay for itself before you die, if you are 17.


Used for supplying a steady stream of compressed air to tools like jackhammers, they can also be used to provide breathing air for deep sea diving. This novel application has many opportunities for practical jokes, both fatal and non-fatal. This site stands proudly for safe compressing. Compress responsibly.


The first power tool that most of us will invest in and one for which you can build a never ending collection of accessories such as drill bits, chucks and even add-on contraptions. Cleverly adapted, your drill can power an amazing range of motorised projects given the right gearing connection.