For the lumberjacks amongst us, the gas powered chainsaw is the only tool for the job. There really are very few types of gas powered saws other than chainsaws. You can get concrete cutters and angle grinders, as well as pole saws with a small blades at the end of a long pole for lopping branches that are out of normal reach.


Gas compressors work in the same way as their electric counterparts but they are more often found doing heavy duty professional and commercial work. They would look down their noses at their electric cousins in the way that a professional footballer might sneer at the pub league Sunday player. Gas compressors mean business, and are for business.


Standby generators are one type of power tool that obviously cannot be powered by mains electricity. They are everywhere, from factories to hospitals, in huge data centres that house thousands of servers to make the internet work and in many homes these days. Homes belonging to nervous people, perhaps, who watch too many horror movies where the lights flicker before going out.