Cordless hammers are relative newcomers to the ranks of Cordless Power Tools. Electric hammers, both mains powered and cordless, are used to drive home nails quickly and effortlessly. They do this by means of a piston that taps the nail head between 3,000 and 6,000 times per minute, depending on the make and model. And that’s guaranteed not to bang your thumb. Ever. In fact, some day we may see a brand on the market called No More Swearing. Must go and do a search for that right now in fact.

Battery life is typically one hour of normal usage, not constant hammering. The best ones come with detachable battery packs. That means you can buy a spare batteries to increase the usage time for heavy duty jobs. Although I guess you would need to be building a timber frame house to really need to take advantage of that feature.

Most models allow you to set the angle at which the nail is driven. Anything from dead straight to a 45 degree angle and several depth settings too.

Hammers have certainly come a long way from their very beginnings. The very first tool that man invented was a hammer. Even before the jabby type of tools, like spears and knives. There were no nails to hammer home back then but there were nuts to be cracked open. A nice stone that sits comfortably in the palm of your hand can become as familiar as your favourite slippers. The hammer was here to stay.

Fast forward a few million years. The stone grew a handle to take advantage of Physics and the Law of the Lever. Every household has the old familiar claw hammer for banging in the odd nail or bashing that self-assembly Ikea bookcase that was obviously poorly designed because you find that it’s impossible to get the top shelf into place.

Thinking about it, the term electric hammer is a bit of a misnomer. Great at driving home hundreds of nails per hour (NPH) but fairly useless for clattering that piece of machinery that has stopped working, like my PC does sometimes. There is still nothing as satisfying as the heft of an old fashioned claw hammer or the satisfying thunk as it strikes the nail head dead centre. On your fifth attempt.